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J-VALVES are a professional Ball Valve manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Including floating ball valve, trunnion ball valve, forged steel ball valve, API6D ball valve, pipeline ball valve, API608 ball valve, fully welded ball valve Wait, Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
The project order came from the original Petrobras and Petrobras trunnion ball valve. We obtained it through an agent. The entire order includes 2500Lb trunnion ball valves, electric trunnion ball valves, pneumatic trunnion ball valves, dual-phase stainless steel trunnion ball valves, forged steel floating ball valves and other product specifications from 1/2 inch to 24 inch, and pressure ranges from 150Lb ~ 2500Lb
    J-VALVES is sent to American trunnion ball valve turbine operated 8 inch 600 # cast steel material, quantity 30PCS, the product meets NICE standard MR0175, product design standard API6D, inspection standard API6D, flange standard ASMEB16.5, length standard ASME B16. 10.Anti-static design. Fire protection design.
    Trunnion type ball valve is usually also called cast steel trunnion type ball valve, forged steel trunnion type ball valve, gear operated trunnion type ball valve, API6D trunnion type ball valve
24 inch, Gear operated trunnion ball valve, nominal pressure 300Lb, quantity of 10. The customers are from Italian valve companies, and we as OEM processing help them complete the orders. The production cycle of the order is 50 days. The customer is very satisfied during the acceptance process, and J-VALVES is very much recognized.
    Trunnion type ball valve can also be called gear trunnion type ball valve, full trunnion type ball valve, pipeline ball valve, API6D ball valve
     J-VALVES Duplex stainless steel trunnion ball valves for marine and marine applications. The end user is COSCO Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. The materials commonly used are duplex stainless steel 2205, super duplex stainless steel 2507, 4A, 5A, nickel aluminum bronze, aluminum Bronze, tin bronze, C95800, C83600, B62 and other materials, duplex stainless steel trunnion ball valve has good corrosion resistance, long life, simple operation, easy installation and other advantages.
     Duplex stainless steel trunnion ball valves have a large number of markets and applications in the future
J-VALVES DIN standard turbine-operated trunnion ball valves were exported to Turkey. They were produced and accepted in strict accordance with European standards. It took 35 days from order to delivery. The customer received a satisfactory response from the trunnion ball valve.
The Turkish market has always been a very important part of us. Every year we export trunnion ball valves to Turkey at about 500,000 US dollars. It is expected that the order volume we export to Turkey will increase to 1 million US dollars in the next two years.
J-VALVES Big size ball valves are widely used in oil and gas water supply systems. This batch of goods originated from orders from Russian customers. We have been vigorously developing the Russian market and have received great feedback. Large-size ball valves will be produced by forging, which will have great advantages in cost control and production cycle.
   Big sized trunnion ball valve products have more stable performance and play a role of switching safety in the pipeline.

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